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Livingbridge is an independent private equity investment firm, based in the UK, the US and Australia.

As a leading mid market private equity firm, we can bring a new perspective to the teams we work with – we’ve done it over 125 times over the last twenty years.  And by getting to know what makes you tick, we’ll help achieve what’s right for you and your business.

125+ investments
100+ portfolio acquisitions5
075 LIV Stat Icon Master11
5 offices2

Our latest insights

Broadstone, one of the UK’s leading employee benefits and pensions consulting businesses, has announced the acquisition of 3HR Benefits Consultancy. This move represents Broadstone’s third acquisition in as many months following the recently announced purchases of Liverpool-based CS Financial Solutions and Thomson Dickson Consulting located in Glasgow.

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@Living__Bridge | May 20

Congratulations to Livingbridge backed Broadstone Group who have acquired one of Europe’s leading providers of spec…


@Living__Bridge | May 20

We're delighted to announce that Wol Kolade will join "an expert team of acclaimed business owners" to judge the…


@Living__Bridge | May 15

Not all IoT is born equal – Charlie Ross discusses why only certain businesses will be able to attract further fund…


@Living__Bridge | May 13

Shani Zindel discusses how we are able to leverage our experience, market knowledge and global network to support o…


@Living__Bridge | May 08

We're delighted to welcome Joe McGee to Livingbridge!


@Living__Bridge | May 03

Wol Kolade delivered the PE keynote speech this morning at the opening of the Multiple:X flagship private equity an…


@Living__Bridge | May 01

Saad Hammad, CEO of @KeyTravel, talks about his experience of working with us and the benefits of a strong manageme…


@Living__Bridge | Apr 30

We're delighted to announce that our investee @BROADSTONE_LTD has acquired Glasgow-based Thomson Dickson Consulting…


@Living__Bridge | Apr 29

Matthew Caffrey speaks to @CRN Channel Web about what tech business owners should consider before exiting.…


@Living__Bridge | Apr 26

Is time running out for businesses to embrace digital transformation? Paul Landsman looks at new technological oppo…

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What is private equity investment like?

Through 125+ investments we’ve recognised that whilst each deal is different, there are key stepping stones most business owners experience. Find out more about our private equity investment process:


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