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Livingbridge is an independent private equity firm, based in the UK, the US and Australia.

As a leading mid market private equity firm, we can bring a new perspective to the teams we work with – we’ve done it over 125 times over the last twenty years.  And by getting to know what makes you tick, we’ll help achieve what’s right for you and your business.

125+ investments
100+ portfolio acquisitions5
075 LIV Stat Icon Master11
5 offices2

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@Living__Bridge | Nov 12

David Kirby discusses his approach to building a better customer acquisition and customer retention strategy.…


@Living__Bridge | Nov 01

ICYMI: We're delighted to announce that Wol Kolade has been listed on Green Park’s fourth annual BAME 100 Business…


@Living__Bridge | Oct 31

We're delighted to announce the sale of @sykescottages, the UK’s leading independent holiday home provider. During…


@Living__Bridge | Oct 30

ICYMI: We're delighted to announce that Livingbridge Enterprise 3 has closed with total capital commitments of £334…


@Living__Bridge | Oct 25

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Andy Harrington, Robyn Smith and Thomas Smith as investment manager…


@Living__Bridge | Oct 24

We were delighted to host a dinner for a selection of our CEO and chair network in the #MSP space to discuss ‘what…


@Living__Bridge | Oct 24

Exciting times for Livingbridge investee @BROADSTONE_LTD which has just announced its fourth and largest acquisitio…


@Living__Bridge | Oct 22

Mo Aneese recently spoke at the @CRN_UK Channel Conference to discuss how MSPs can maximise their value and capital…


@Living__Bridge | Oct 21

Last week Wol Kolade spoke about his career at the diversity and inclusion Unlimited Festival. Thanks to…


@Living__Bridge | Oct 16

What is a data driven approach and how can it create business value? Steve Jones explains how to create value with…

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What is private equity investment like?

Through 125+ investments we’ve recognised that whilst each deal is different, there are key stepping stones most business owners experience. Find out more about our private equity investment process:


What does a private equity deal look like?