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Absolute Collagen

A subscription based wellness brand

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Absolute Collagen is a direct-to-consumer, subscription based wellness brand, principally offering marine collagen supplements intended to deliver skin, hair and health benefits.

The business was founded in 2015 by Maxine Laceby, after she experienced positive skin and wellbeing benefits attributed to the collagen contained in homemade bone broths. Disappointed by the low concentration and multitude of bulking agents in collagen supplements available at the time, she set out to create a pure collagen product with the highest bioavailability and efficacy, launching ready-mixed sachets of hydrolysed marine collagen in 2017.

Since then, Absolute Collagen has grown a loyal subscriber following (or “Absoluters”), with strong consumer advocacy and endorsement from professional dermatologists and trichologists. In 2019 the business also won Best New Beauty Supplement – Mass & Prestige at the prestigious CEW Awards. Today Absolute Collagen offers marine collagen supplement in three flavours as well as a topical collagen facial serum, with further products in development.

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