Build better

Growth is ​more than a mindset.

It’s what happens when you bring together experience, common focus and a commitment to get the job done. It’s what happens here.

Not prescriptive.

We know the decision to bring in a partner could be for many different reasons. That’s why we look beyond the obvious when considering the structure of our investments. Everything is customised.

After all, we want to build mutually beneficial partnerships with the best people and the best businesses. That means looking beyond simplistic rules when we consider the amount of equity we take. It also means never losing sight of what brought you success in the first place.

Grow beyond

You bring your own ambitions and visions – for the business, and for yourself. So the expertise and support we offer flexes to match.

Your next acquisition: Livingbridge's hard-won experience.

We’ve helped our portfolio companies execute more than 200 M&A deals.

Done well, M&A can create dramatic, significant value. However, it takes experience to separate the good deals from the great – and to prepare your business for what’s ahead.

Our team supports our portfolio companies at every stage, offering perspectives and insights born from experience in order to transform an ambitious strategy into bottom-line results.

When you ask for the world, only some will answer.

We are entrepreneurs too.

We’ve built our own global business – internationalisation has been part of the Livingbridge story since we began.

The proof is in our numbers. A significant amount of the revenue generated by our existing portfolio is from outside the UK, and we have helped many teams build global winners.

Based across three continents, our global team shares connections and know-how with portfolio companies. This footprint provides the network, market knowledge and resources needed to support your international expansion, from strategy to execution.

People make all the difference. Starting with the ones on our team.

Markets fluctuate and fashions change. But talent will always play a critical part in your success.

If anything, securing and retaining the right people has become even more vital – and more competitive.

That is why in-house talent experts are an integral part of the Livingbridge investment team. We have the expertise – and the contacts – to help achieve your growth plans.

One well-informed decision leads to another.

This isn’t just data. It’s fuel for growth.

As a fast-growing business, it can be challenging to retain control of the core data that drives your growth. Challenging, but incredibly valuable. Control the data, and your management and operational teams can have truly informed discussions – leading to smarter, faster decisions.

Our data and analytics team support our portfolio companies to navigate data challenges, from cloud engineering and data science, to data strategy and critical management information.

Partner with Livingbridge and you will have everything you need to drive and execute your own data strategy, at a pace that is right for the business.

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