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Quality care and better outcomes are at the heart of every business we support


Over 25 years of investing in healthcare we’ve learnt that the only strategy for sustainable long-term growth is to focus on delivering the highest quality care and continually striving to improve the lives of all individuals our companies look after. Quality care and better outcomes are at the heart of every business we support.

There is no room for shortcuts in healthcare. We’ve built a strong understanding of the nuances of being successful in healthcare compared to other sectors – this requires a high degree of empathy and compassion, a strong understanding of what drives commercial value and a healthy dose of patience. We’ve also learnt how to grow healthcare propositions without compromising quality – this is about investing early on in the right clinical and governance framework, and creating an environment for your employees to thrive.

In a rapidly changing market, our drive to back great businesses that make a difference is more important than ever. We have experience in all areas of healthcare including primary care, social care, healthcare technology, pharma services, medical products and supplies, and multi-site consumer healthcare such as dentistry, fertility and physiotherapy.  We believe the best businesses in healthcare and education have wonderful opportunities to flourish – and make a real difference to all our lives.


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Healthcare sector case studies

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Fresh Tandartsen

Fresh Tandartsen is a leading Dutch dental group, focused on a high-quality and patient centric-approach. 

Habit Health

Habit Group is the largest provider of integrated rehabilitation, occupational health and fitness services in New Zealand.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands provides a wide range of tailored home care services, ranging from its hourly visiting service, to 24-hour live-in care. It also offers a nurse-led clinical care service which enables …

Bright Futures

Bright Futures is a specialist residential care organisation supporting young people and adults with autism and learning difficulties.

Four Eyes

Four Eyes Insight is a medical productivity and clinical service consultancy, founded in 2013 by Dr Henry Carleton and Brian Wells. Henry and Brian both come from a medical background, and the …