Simon Peet

Investment team

“At Livingbridge I get to work with businesses first hand as they manage their growth.”

I’m in the new investment team at Livingbridge, with a particular focus on technology and software. Most of my time is spent meeting management teams, understanding their plans for the future, and whether Livingbridge might be able to help.

It’s a genuine privilege to have a job where we get to meet and work with leadership teams who have an ambition to build the best business in their industry; and at Livingbridge we have been fortunate enough to partner with many businesses over the years which have become market leaders that we can be proud of both through our investment period and beyond.

Before Livingbridge I worked as a strategy consultant at the Parthenon Group. There I spent my time performing commercial diligence on investments across technology, business services, and education sectors, having previously completed a maths degree at Oxford.

Outside of work I try and keep fit and have probably signed up to an endurance race of some kind; having a target to aim for (in particular if a colleague is doing the same race) is the motivation I need to get out and do some training!

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