Shani Zindel

Investment team

“Creating value by spotting great opportunities and working with talented people, both at Livingbridge and within the management teams we back, is incredibly rewarding.”

I’m responsible for driving deployment across our funds and leading our new investment teams. I spend my days meeting new businesses and developing investment opportunities that work for everyone.

I love that moment, early on in a deal, when we know this is a business and management team we really want to be involved with, and the management team reach the same conclusion about Livingbridge. A new partnership is born. I remember our first meeting with the management team of TravelJigsaw, when I knew within the first 30 minutes that I wanted to do the deal. It was clear that their strategy and capability could fundamentally change the consumer car rental market. Working with them to then deliver that vision and the sale to Priceline was exciting and scary in equal measure, but ultimately massively successful.

I grew up in Johannesburg and qualified as a Chartered Accountant, occasionally helping out with the family travel business. I spent my university years working part-time for a bookmaker, where I quickly learnt about the reality of taking risk. I always knew I wanted to work in business, and when I came to the UK in 1997, the opportunity to move into private equity was one I grabbed willingly. I’ve been with Livingbridge ever since.

I’m a board trustee of youth charity Impetus which finds, funds and builds the most promising charities focused on transforming the lives of disadvantaged young people as well as a member of Level20, a not for profit organisation working to improve gender diversity in the private equity industry.

As my family get older I’m enjoying travelling and discovering new places with them. I’m trying to get them to share my love of New York, but at the moment they seem happier lying by a beach or pool.

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