Andrew Garside

Investment team

“Our job is to understand the motivations and objectives of the stakeholders in an enterprise and work out how Livingbridge can best play a role in its future growth.”

I lead one of the new investment teams at Livingbridge. The best projects are where we really connect with a team and there is mutual respect for what each party brings to the table, a foundation for a trusting and sustainable relationship going forward. To contribute to the development of a business as an involved partner, we all need to keep learning and developing our own skills. I learn something new every week and that keeps me on my toes and thriving in this job.

Over the years, I have gained so much satisfaction from seeing management teams grow in confidence and build super businesses. One example was Nexus Vehicle Rentals in Leeds. When we invested in 2008, the core of the business was a really smart procurement system and I knew it could scale, but it was really skinny. We quickly bulked up with acquisitions and organic growth and it continues to perform well, after our exit in 2015.

My journey before Livingbridge started by studying engineering and management at Brunel and then working to improve manufacturing processes. I joined 3i as a graduate on the point of the 1990 recession and re-learnt my job as an investor about three times as the private equity industry rapidly developed. I joined Livingbridge in 2005 as I was so impressed with the attitude of everyone I knew and met here – rigorous and hardworking but not over-confident. I think people are quite surprised to find out just how much the team here collaborates and enjoys working together.

Out of work, my thrill seeking comes from historic car racing and I have three 1960s Lotus cars. But I’m just as content pottering around native Yorkshire on my bike or in my countryside garden.

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