Our values

We have developed a set of four values that reflect how we think about our own business and the businesses that we work with. These values underpin our culture and drive us forward to keep evolving and achieving more for our investees.

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1Unlock potential

Our curiosity sets us apart and allows us to see situations differently. With agility and innovative thinking, we identify potential in our business, people and partners, and maximise it.


2Invest in relationships

We are a business built on relationships. Our ability to collaborate and form relationships based on trust and integrity is critical to our success and enables us to reach the ambitions that we all share.

3Celebrate diversity

Diversity in all its forms has always been at the heart of who we are and what we do. We know that it improves our decision-making and leads to better outcomes.​


4 Make it happen

We are clear on how we add value and are not afraid to make the calls that ensure we deliver winning outcomes. With confidence, determination and tenacity, we craft solutions and resolve problems.