Our values

Over the twenty years that we’ve worked together, we’ve developed a set of five values that reflect how we think about our own business and the businesses that we work with. These values underpin our relationship-focused approach and drive us forward to keep evolving and achieving more for our investees.

We stand for excellence and we believe that by working together we can build something that goes from better to best

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1Always learning

We’ve built our expertise from the lessons we’ve learned during our 150+ investments together. We learn from our success but also from our mistakes. This knowledge has been built across the breadth of our funds and sectors by a constant desire to question the norm and to expand our perspectives.


2Invest in relationships

What we really do is back people. We take the time to really understand those we work with; our success is born of those relationships. We take a collaborative approach to everything we do, starting within our own business. We expect the same from our investees, looking to them to leverage as many perspectives as possible across our portfolio and talent network. Working together creates a better environment to reach the ambitions we share.

3Bold and tenacious

We encourage each other to be better and be bolder. This challenge drives our thinking and gives us the ambition and courage to generate real change. It’s in our nature to approach challenges with tenacity and we encourage the management teams we work with to be more ambitious, to create innovative solutions, and to keep pushing forward to generate real change.


4Think it through

We don’t do half-baked ideas and whether it’s a quick question or a new strategic initiative, we pride ourselves on our considered manner. It’s important for us to think it through. That doesn’t mean that we’re restricted by precedent; we continually take a fresh view from different perspectives, bringing a new approach to the table to spot opportunities and find creative solutions.

5Aim higher

We’re passionate about making a difference. That means ensuring our investees are on the right path and have the right tools to reach their destination. We aim for exceptional performance, always seeking to improve on what has already been achieved. Whether we’re raising a new fund, opening a new office or developing new ways to support our management teams, we’re never sitting still. We strive to create the best version of our business so that we can equip our investees do the same.

Our team

We’re a diverse group of people who are driven by making changes for the better. For our investees, for ourselves, and for the world in which we live in.

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