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Meet the Team: Andrew Brodsky

Why did you decide to join the world of private equity? 

Ultimately, I decided to join private equity so I could gain more exposure to business strategy and operations.  I previously worked in investment banking, where I helped execute fast-paced and exciting M&A processes.  However, I found investment banking to be rather transactional – we were 100% focused on the deal, and then quickly moved on to the next one. 

In my opinion, PE goes one step further, combining M&A with the strategic and operational know-how required to help businesses scale over time.  I was attracted to private equity as I could leverage my M&A knowledge, while working with management teams and founders to implement strategies that would create value for years to come. 

You joined Livingbridge in 2023. What drew you to the firm? 

I was originally introduced to Livingbridge when I was an investment banker – my team advised TitanHQ, an email security and archiving software business, on its sale to Livingbridge in 2020.  As I met the Livingbridge team throughout the transaction, it was clear that the firm had built a strong culture that valued curiosity, diversity and teamwork.   

One of Livingbridge’s key differentiators is its collaborative DNA.  We have great connectivity across offices and geographies, and everyone’s opinion matters.  This really drew me to the firm, as I knew I’d have the opportunity to both learn and contribute from day one. 

What aspect(s) of your role excites you the most? 

Joining the Boston office was a unique opportunity to help build a new capability within Livingbridge’s global platform.  As part of a premier middle-market private equity brand, our team aims to broaden access to, and support in, the US market.  It’s exciting to help our portfolio companies develop a US strategy, no matter how big or small a role the US plays in their growth trajectory.  

I also really like that Livingbridge focuses solely on the middle-market.  At this scale, companies have established a core identity, but still possess numerous pathways to drive substantial growth.  It’s exciting to work with the extremely talented entrepreneurs driving these businesses, to decide how best to unlock the next phase of growth. 

Favourite podcast? 

I’m a bit of a history buff, so I could list 10+ history podcasts that I’ve enjoyed recently.  In particular, I really like “The Fall of Civilizations” podcast by Paul Cooper.  The author host provides background on various historical societies, from the Aztecs to the Greenland Vikings.  He then tells the story of each civilizations’ decline, and what factors contributed.  These are fascinating stories on oft-overlooked subjects. 

Best piece of advice you have given or received? 

Early in my career, I read a quote that stuck with me: Easy now – hard later.  Hard now – easy later. 

I love this quote and use it as a guiding principle in my life today.  Whether it be finding five extra minutes for preparatory work ahead of a meeting or going to see a management team in person in lieu of taking a video call, extra effort applied now makes life easier down the road.