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Leading management consultancy

Vendigital provides technology-led transformation programmes for blue-chip, enterprise clients looking to identify and solve complex cost problems and deliver results to clients’ bottom lines. Vendigital has deep expertise across a number of sectors including aerospace & defence, automotive, transportation, media & entertainment, retail and industrial products. Through its in-house Data Science lab, the company also provides bespoke solutions, streamlining the way in which clients collect, analyse, and prioritise data, to produce actionable insights 

Global dynamics such as increasing M&A activity and accelerating digital disruption have put tremendous pressure on cost, efficiency and operating models. Our investment will be used by Vendigital to take advantage of this rapidly-growing market both organically and through acquisitions to further develop its international presence. 

Building the best 
  • Financial Times’ Top 25 Leading Management Consultancies 2018
  • Multiple awards in Financial Times Special Report 2018
  • Financial Times’ Top 25 Leading Management Consultancies 2019
  • MCA’s Commercial Excellence award 2019
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