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National staffing and recruiting company

Staffline was founded in 1986 as a regional high street recruitment agency, specialising in blue-collar employment.

We invested to support the growth of the company but the sector was commoditised, and soon after we invested in 2000, supply and demand shifted, putting Staffline and its competitors in a precarious position. We’d already brought in Andy Hogarth as Finance Director, and we’d been working closely with him and his management team to stabilise the business, so when Andy outlined his vision for the business, we were completely behind him. In just four years, Staffline had transformed from a regional temporary staff supplier into a national business. Andy Hogarth had successfully turned his vision into reality with our help, and he went on the become managing director and then CEO of the business.

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The right tools for growth


We supported the appointment of Andy Hogarth as Financial Director, who later became Managing Director and eventually CEO, guiding the business through exceptional growth.

Customer acquisition & retention

We backed a move away from a business model based entirely on high street branches and a transition to providing a full outsourcing service on site at the clients’ own premises. For high-volume recruiters this was a more convenient, more bespoke and more efficient staffing service than they’d ever had before, and take-up was fast. In just 18 months, 40% of Staffline’s revenues were coming from on-site operations.

Staffline timeline

1986 Staffline founded
2000 Livingbridge invests
2002 Opens first on-site location
2003 Extends on-site business to 17 locations
2004 Livingbridge realises investment
2004 Extends on-site business to 33 locations

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