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Data management and processing services provider

Occam (now “Edit”) provides a range of outsourced data services including data processing, database development and management as well as data analysis, to the charity and commercial sectors. Occam’s clients have included Eurostar, Royal Bank of Scotland, the Ministry of Defence, Kia Motors UK, GlaxoSmithKline, Oxfam and the British Heart Foundation.

Our investment supported Occam through a turbulent period due to changes in market condition, the financial crisis, and data/data processing becoming increasingly more commoditised. We worked alongside Occam’s core leadership team to focus the business on new ways to accelerate growth, including the ‘Zebra’ initiative, which used data from customers to create a new strategy around product and service offering. The Zebra strategy ultimately saw Occam become a leader in its field.

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The right tools for growth


We introduced a Sales Director to help the board understand the challenges the business was facing and how critical the rapidly changing market conditions were. We also supported the board in appointing James Bagan to MD, who together with Ian Williamson, the chair and Pete Clarke of Livingbridge set about developing a new strategy for the business, the initiative that became known as Zebra.

Data & insight

We guided the company through the development of the Zebra initiative, which identified what the key customer data-led marketing challenges were, then combined a cherry-picked set of components across the business – from technology and software production to a piece of consultancy or a person.

Occam timeline

1993 Occam founded
2004 Livingbridge invests
2007 New ‘Zebra’ initiative goes to market
2009 Wins significant government contract
2010 Among the 8 leading market service providers identified by Forrester in first ever evaluation of UK database marketing service providers
2010 Livingbridge realises investment with sale to St Ives