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Predictive software for social housing operators

Mobysoft is a Manchester-based market leader in predictive software for social housing providers, founded in 2003 by Derek Steele.

Mobysoft’s core product, RentSense, is a Software as a Service (SaaS) based predictive analytics service which delivers accurate and prioritised workload to social landlords. Using a range of data, RentSense’s algorithms present social housing officers accurate workload information, saving them time, improving efficiency in rent collection and enabling social landlords to help mitigate welfare reform and reduce arrears by tens of millions of pounds a year.

Mobysoft’s software is used daily by over 90 social housing operators managing c.1m properties; almost a fifth of the sector’s UK based properties.

We invested in 2017 to support Mobysoft as it grows its UK social housing market share, increases investment in people and extends the use of predictive analytics into other areas of social housing. 

Since investment our talent team has worked with the CEO to build out its fantastic leadership team, including the appointment of a Customer Success Director, CFO, a CIO from, and the ex-Chief Data Officer from Callcredit as Non Executive Director.

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