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Pensions and employee benefits provider

Broadstone provides pensions, employee benefits, actuarial and investment services advice to small and medium-sized employers, pension scheme trustees and individual pension scheme members. Livingbridge’s investment is helping Broadstone build, scale and broaden its offerings by supporting the management team’s growth strategy and making selected acquisitions.

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Starting with a small consulting business in 2017, Broadstone has grown organically and through M&A, to become an award winning independent mid-market provider of significant scale.

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The right tools for growth


We supported Broadstone to acquire Mitchell Consulting and 2020 Trustees in 2017, followed by CS Financial Services, Thomson Dickson Consulting, 3HR Benefits Consultancy and BBS Consultants and Actuaries in 2019. These acquisitions demonstrate Broadstone’s ability to successfully execute a buy and build value creation strategy. The business has shown it is able to consolidate he market and so gain operational efficiency through scale, but whilst retaining its proposition of mid-market independence which attracts both the clients and talent crucial to winning market share. The business has a meaningful pipeline of further acquisition opportunities which will further strengthen and extend its competitive offering .


We helped Broadstone expand into Asia through the acquisition of 3HR Benefits Consultancy, who specialise in providing services to expat employees for corporates based in China, Japan and Korea.


We strengthened the senior team, including the appointments of a new CEO, CFO and chairman in 2017. This was followed by a build out of the exec team below them including clearer definition of divisional leadership and hiring a Chief Commercial Officer.

Customer acquisition & retention

We guided Broadstone in their online customer aquisition strategy to include an SEO/PPC strategy, a CRM for real-time pipeline management and the recent launch of an employee engagement portal.

Broadstone timeline

1989 Broadstone founded
2016 Livingbridge invests
2016 Appoints CFO and chairman
2017 Acquires Mitchell Consulting and 2020 Trustees
2019 Acquires CS Financial Services
2019 Acquires Thomson Dickson Consulting
2019 Acquihires 3HR Benefits Consultancy
2019 Acquires BBS Consultants and Actuaries