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Looking ahead: 2020

‘Looking ahead: 2020’ report

A year that began with a mooted – but far from definitive – date for Brexit ended in similar fashion. Yet while this backdrop of uncertainty could hardly be described as helpful, 2019 was a year of strong performance across the Livingbridge platform.

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Looking ahead: 2020

In our ‘Looking ahead: 2020’ report, we reflect on strong performance across the business during a year of political uncertainty. As a new decade begins, we review what is changing across our sectors and funds, and consider what the impact of our international platform will be.

The report includes:

  • A look back at the achievements of 2019, including the investments and exits made, as well as awards and highlights from our investees.
  • Our perspective on what the year holds and the businesses that stand out across our four sectors: consumer, healthcare and education, services and TMT.
  • An overview of our fund platform that gives us even more firepower for investment in 2020
  • A round-up of our global growth as we expand internationally.