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The investment process

Through 125+ investments we’ve recognised that every deal is different, but the basic process has key stepping stones. For business owners wondering what a partnership with Livingbridge might involve, we’ve drawn together a simple outline of what an investment might look like.


Finding great businesses

We’re always on the lookout for great businesses and although we do our own research and receive introductions through our network of advisors, we also love to hear directly from business owners. If you, or someone you know, has a great business then please get in touch.


Getting to know you and your business

Meeting inspiring entrepreneurs and finding ways to help is what drives us. We like to take the time to get to know you and your business and so whether it’s through a site visit or a chat over a cup of coffee, we’re always keen to catch up and learn more about your business and your ambitions.

It’s just as important that you get to know our team, values and culture at Livingbridge. We’re happy to introduce you to our current investees and alumni so that you can ask them about how we work and what we’re like.


Structuring a deal

Our first step is to understand your motivations for a deal. Do you want to sell a stake but keep running the business? Are you ready to step away and hand over to your management team? Are you looking for the capital and support to make acquisitions? Or do you simply want to sell? Together, we can explore these options and create a deal structure that satisfies everyone’s objectives. We’re a flexible investor and happy to take either a minority or majority stake – for us it’s all about the ambitions of the team, the growth opportunity and how we can fulfil the business’ potential. 

Due diligence

Due diligence

We’ll make every effort to minimise disruption while we do our diligence and with a team of over 45 investment professionals we’re able to commit the necessary resource to an efficient transaction. Well-prepared financial information and easy to digest reporting can make this stage of the process even smoother so if you can provide this, we’re well positioned to get going.

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Now is the time to celebrate as the next stage in your business's growth journey begins!

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Laying the foundations for growth

Our work prior to investment means that we can hit the ground running post-transaction. Together, we’ll develop a growth strategy tailored to your ambitions.

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Growth acceleration

To support this strategy you can make use of our bank of growth accelerators – core value creation capabilities which enable our investees to fulfil their potential and become exceptional businesses. These include: international growth, corporate development, customer acquisition and retention, talent, and technology. Our in-house growth acceleration team made up of market experts will work with you to build these capabilities, transform value and develop long term sustainable growth.


Joining the Livingbridge network

As part of the Livingbridge family you’ll have access to your peers across more than 30 businesses. We host events throughout the year, such as our Marketing Leaders summit, CFO Seminars and investee networking evenings. These provide a chance to discuss opportunities and challenges with individuals from businesses of different sizes and from different sectors who are often able to provide a different perspective.

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Realising value

Like any other investor, there’ll come a time when we will be looking to realise the value that we have created together. On average, our investments span c.4 years but we have flexibility to adjust this to fit your business’s situation. We recognise that we are just one part of a business’s growth journey and we work towards an exit together at a time that’s right for you.

We’ve sold over 75 businesses and whether it’s an IPO, trade sale or a sale to another private equity house, we’ve got the experience to help plan for and navigate the complexities of realising an exit.

The Livingbridge family extends beyond exit and we work with many of our former investees again. Our investees are part of our success story, just as we are part of theirs.

If you’re interested in learning more, or to set up a meeting with one of our team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.