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Sell part of my business

Selling a stake in your business to Livingbridge could lead to exciting new opportunities. It doesn’t need to mean giving up ownership or losing control. Unlike some private equity houses, we're as happy with minority stakes as we are majority ones. We can help you re-balance your wealth or shareholder base without an ‘all or nothing’ choice.

"We could have external investment but still remain in the company, with majority control. I didn’t want to exit just yet and still had things I wanted to do and prove."

Harvey Jones, Co-Founder, Wiggle

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Achieving what’s right for you and your company

You might want to make braver decisions for your business, without the personal financial risk. 

It may be that your business is too reliant on you personally; and you’re so involved in the day-to-day operations that you don’t have time to think about the long term.

You might have been approached by interested buyers but don’t yet feel ready to sell.

We can give you the confidence and capital to make bold decisions. With strategic support from specialists and less personal financial risk, you’ll be in a position to take your business further.  You can also release some of the hard-earned money which has been tied up in growing your company.

Private equity can be a catalyst for change

Working with Livingbridge can also act as a catalyst. You could expand your product range or facilities, or grow internationally, while stopping what’s no longer essential. Now might be a good time to add to your management team, and private equity involvement can help attract top calibre executives. New investment could be a way of allowing some shareholders to exit and others to increase their holdings. Or you could help senior management to buy into the business so they can benefit from future success and help you start to plan your succession.

Realising value now while working together on the future 

We take a flexible approach to partnerships. This means you can realise some of the value you’ve created in your business, secure the capital you need to accelerate growth and hire more talent, and still hold onto a significant (often majority) stake.

You can draw on our 20 years’ experience, and you’ll be able to access our network of people who’ve built or managed businesses themselves and can provide a different view.

There’s no formula. We’ll tailor the investment to your requirements, matching our goals with yours. We have invested in over 100 businesses. No two investments are the same, just as no two companies are the same, but we can help achieve what’s right for your business and for you. Get in touch to find out more.

As a regulated firm we take our responsibilities seriously so please read the important information in our terms alongside the information on this page.


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