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Grow my business faster

Does your business have the potential to outperform its market? Partnering with Livingbridge can help you make it happen. We’ve been helping businesses grow faster for over twenty years, many of which are now household names, both here and abroad.

Scalable growth for a strong future

Private equity investment isn’t just about money, and fast growth isn’t just about acquisition. We can work with you on a market strategy that helps you focus where it counts. We can take the pain out of hiring the right people to complement your team. And we can help you develop operations and infrastructure which can grow with you.

"Livingbridge’s experience in helping high-growth, digitally focused retailers become clear industry leaders made them the natural choice for us when we sought to take the business up a gear."

Scott Behrens, Founder and Managing Director, Superbikes

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Making successful acquisitions

Acquiring other businesses when the time is right can have a transformational effect.  We can provide both the capital and the experience to help make business acquisitions successful – enabling you to grow faster and take opportunities that could otherwise be out of your reach.

Of course, many acquisitions fail to deliver, sometimes because of inadequate financing, or poor integration, or because the company’s platform struggles to support the sudden increase in business. Our team will continue to work with you after the acquisition to make sure you get the most from it, providing value far beyond our initial capital investment.

We’ve invested in over 100 companies and helped them make over 100 acquisitions. Find out more about how we've helped them with corporate development. 

Taking you to the next level

We understand what it takes to grow a business, whether through organic development or acquisition or both. But we also understand that situations change and external pressures can arise – and we can help you adapt your strategy where you need. With in-depth sector knowledge and a network of highly experienced contacts, we can help you overcome challenges and identify opportunities to grow your business in a robust and sustainable way, ready for whatever the future holds. Get in touch to find out more.

As a regulated firm we take our responsibilities seriously so please read the important information in our terms alongside the information on this page.


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