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Buy the business I manage

Buying equity in the business you’ve helped to build can be a daunting prospect. Most people don’t have the funds at the ready – and some feel that their lack of experience owning a business could be a disadvantage.

This is where Livingbridge can help, by advising and supporting you and the business far beyond the initial capital investment. We’ve been investing in and working with growing businesses for twenty years, so we know what it takes to help management teams make the transition to business ownership.

The right private equity investor can act as a catalyst for positive change. As well as an injection of capital, you’ll get the benefit of ongoing strategic advice from experienced growth specialists. That should give you the confidence to make bold decisions that can transform your business – such as entering new markets, making acquisitions and hiring new key people.

"For me, a significant shareholding role was essential. It was obvious we were looking for an MBO and there was no need to go elsewhere for funding and advice."

Mark Burchfield, MD, CableCom

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More than a management buyout

Management teams come to us in a variety of situations. For example:

  • where the owner is selling and the team want to keep the management structure intact
  • to grow the business with both new capital and strategic advice
  • to enjoy more financial benefit from their contribution to the company
  • to help broach the subject of a management buyout in the first place.

Taking you to the next level

We’ll invest time and hard work getting to know you and the business thoroughly. This will help us to understand your team’s management capabilities and whether you’ll benefit from additional key people post buyout. It also means we can get a clear picture of your market and key drivers of growth, so we can help you develop your strategy.

After your management buyout, you’ll benefit from Livingbridge’s ongoing support. For example, we can:

  • introduce an experienced chairman and add to the management team if needed
  • introduce a network of relevant contacts and advisors
  • help you expand into international markets
  • work with you to invest in infrastructure to develop a scalable platform
  • support new approaches to talent management or product development
  • help you refine your growth strategy and adjust it to face new opportunities or challenges
  • help you develop with a view to you selling the business in future.

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