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Livingbridge True Minority

Equity stakes of between 5% and 25% in successful companies that are looking for a different approach to private equity investment

Every business is different, and we don’t see investments as a one size fits all approach. True Minority caters to entrepreneurs seeking an equity investor, without the loss of control or the management distraction of a full sale.

Livingbridge True Minority enables entrepreneurs to bring an ambitious minority equity investor on board whilst maintaining their exposure to upside.

What does a true minority investment look like?

  • Equity stake of between 5% and 25%
  • Investment in businesses with a minimum of £5m profit
  • Can be deployed as ‘cash in’ or ‘cash out’ –typically to fund shareholder reorganisations, acquisitions or growth capital
  • Minimum investment size £10m
  • Approach based on trust rather than control


Over 20 years the Livingbridge team has invested in more than 150 companies. We understand that building a business is exhilarating, but sometimes uncertain, and it can help to talk to somebody who has been there before. Our network and expertise is there for you to tap into, when you want it most.

Kingsbridge and Livingbridge 

We chat with Kingsbridge's founder, Steve Wynne, about how private equity investment offered him an alternative to a trade sale, and helped Kingsbridge double in size in two years.