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Mid Market

Livingbridge Mid Market invests in businesses with an EV on average of between £50m and £200m which demonstrate potential to lead their markets

Livingbridge Mid Market invests in established businesses that are growing strongly. Whether you’re looking to sell a stake, accelerate expansion, or re-shape the shareholder base of your business, we have the firepower behind us and the resource in-house to take that next step with you.



Sean Wadsworth on his time with Livingbridge  

Co-founder of Frank Recruitment Group, Sean, speaks to us about how having Livingbridge on board offered another perspective to the challenges his business faced.  

Latest insights

Sanjay Panchal gives his key takeaways from our recent healthcare recruitment dinner where attendees discussed the recruitment challenge facing health and social care providers.


In this webinar from our Growth Acceleration Team, we talk through some of the challenges that our investees have faced in delivering M&A and where we’ve seen best practice deliver excellent outcomes.