Who we are

We’re an independent private equity firm with more than 100 people across the UK, the US and Australia.

Together we empower entrepreneurs to fulfil their potential. Our shared experience is over 20 years of sustained success, experience that gives a unique perspective to the opportunities and challenges that they will face.   

We’re a diverse bunch from all sorts of different backgrounds, but we share a common passion: guiding businesses to be the best and stay the best. We love talking about our investees and their journeys, taking great pride in the success they go on to achieve. 

That’s because, for us, it all comes down to the relationships we’ve built. Creating and sustaining the best business isn’t easy, so we know it will be challenging, but finding people you want to work with makes it a lot easier. We only back the best so there is a high bar for what we can achieve, for ourselves and for our investees. We look for leaders who are convinced about their business potential and have a vision for making it happen. No matter how challenging the journey, we commit to equipping you to achieve that vision, doing things the right way and delivering on what we say.  A measure of our success is the quality of the relationships we build with leadership teams during our investment, and beyond. 

You will discover that our sense of curiosity and ambition is reflected in our life outside the office, whether it’s competing in sports, mentoring, or exploring the worldFrom the Livingbridge netball team to our charity work, we’re always on the lookout for a challenge

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£5m – £100m

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5% – 80%

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History of Livingbridge

1995 An early iteration of the business was founded
1999 We open Birmingham office
2002 We open Manchester office
2005 We complete MBO from our parent forming ISIS EP LLP
2007 We raise our first independent fund
2007 Our team grows to 50 people
2009 We’re founding members of the Global PE alliance
2009 Growth acceleration team launches
2012 Our assets under management reaches £1 billion
2014 Rebrand from ISIS to Livingbridge, for obvious reasons!
2016 We open Australia office
2016 We raise our current £660m mid-market fund, Livingbridge 6  
2016 Our assets under management reaches £2 billion
2017 We establish our Strategic Advisory Board
2018 We open Boston office 
2019 We raise our current £330m Enterprise fund, Enterprise 3 
2019 Our team grows to 100 people 

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Our team

We’re a diverse group of people who are driven by making changes for the better. For our investees, for ourselves, and for the world in which we live in.

Our values

Over the twenty years that we’ve worked together, we’ve developed a set of five values that reflect how we think about our own business and the businesses that we work with. These echo our relationship-focused approach and drive us forward to keep evolving and achieving more for the businesses we partner with.