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A deep understanding of services businesses across the breadth of the sector  

Over our 50 investments in the business and financial services sector we’ve learned the lessons and built the capacity to support management teams looking to transform their business and market.   

“The services sector isn’t just a driving force in the economy. With over 50 investments made in this space it’s also a key part of our investment history. We’ve honed our experience across its breadth, and our expertise spans everything from insurance to recruitment, from pensions to logistics, from legal services to consultancies, plus plenty more niches in between.

Over this time, we’ve learned what makes a great services business and how we can best accelerate growth. We love businesses that exist in a large market but are offering something new. A unique proposition could be the application of tech in a different way, how a business views and serves its customers, or it could be the ability to acquire other businesses in the market, creating something new in an existing space. The best businesses we meet are always thinking about the end customer, and in doing so build an expanding and loyal client base.

We’ve invested in our ability to support this expansion. Our buy and build team works in partnership with services businesses looking for acquisitions, researching and contacting businesses to facilitate a game-changing buy and build strategy. Our in-house customer acquisition team is especially fundamental to the B2B entrepreneur as it is that much harder to win customers from your competitors. The team can help management teams analyse where they win and why, allowing them to focus their best efforts on building and retaining their customer base.

No matter where you sit in the services sector we focus our efforts on what can be unlocked to generate real change. Because we’ve backed so many businesses in this space we can help pre-empt those challenges you might face, and we can support you with the tools you need to transform your growth trajectory.”

Dave Kirby, Services 


50+ services sector investments
14 services investees

Livingbridge, one of the UK’s leading mid-market private equity investors, has agreed the sale of Mobysoft, a market leader in predictive software for social housing providers.