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Pioneer investors backing life changing businesses  

Our investments in the healthcare and education sector have been some of our most exciting and rewarding growth stories. It’s not just about transforming the size and scale of a business, it also represents life-changing services created for thousands of people.   

“We are committed to investing in businesses which are helping to transform the provision of healthcare and education. As experienced investors across this spectrum, we can bring a unique perspective to the opportunities and challenges fast-growing businesses face in this sector.

We support businesses that never compromise their focus on the quality of outcomes for end users. With our well-established network and partnerships with investees, we think we have the valuable expertise and a well-resourced team to drive remarkable growth, enabling these businesses to change the scale of their offering to new customers. As well as our investments in established niches, we’ve also been one of the early backers for spaces such as foster care services, IVF services and dentistry. We see ourselves as pioneer investors backing life changing businesses.

We have more to invest than at any other point in our history, giving us the firepower to really help these companies grow, whether it’s through organic growth, national roll outs, international expansion or a buy and build strategy. We have experience supporting businesses as they navigate the ever-changing political landscape and we understand the impact this can have on businesses in the healthcare and education sector. With a rapidly changing market, our drive to back great businesses that make a difference is more important than ever.” 

Liz Jones, Healthcare and education  


23 sector investments
6 investees in portfolio