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We pride ourselves on being first movers as technology and data transform the consumer landscape 

During our long history in backing consumer businesses, we’ve seen and been part of the global transformation in how customers shop, eat, travel and spend their leisure time. We are consistent, committed and expert investors in consumer businesses. 

"Since our investment in Fat Face in 2000, a far-reaching market evolution has transformed how consumer businesses must behave, acquire new customers and grow. But for us one thing has held true: to be a market leader you must put the customer at the heart of your business.

"We pride ourselves in being first movers as technology and data transform the consumer landscape. From a background in retail rollout, to investing in online travel agents transforming their industry, to backing fast-growth e-commerce businesses exploiting new digital marketing strategies, we’ve evolved our consumer expertise just as brands have over the last twenty years.

From accelerated international online growth to national rollouts to buy and build strategies, we are dedicated to empowering management teams with the tools they need to become national and global market leaders. Our in-house customer acquisition team helps brands realise their digital potential, and our network and in-house talent team has enabled companies to grow their senior teams with world class talent. 

Great customer propositions and great management teams are what has made our track record so successful. We are immensely proud of the businesses we have helped to build and the great relationships we have invested in. Our network, expertise and passion for consumer markets are stronger now than ever."

Daniel Smith, Consumer


28 consumer sector investments
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In this webinar from our Growth Acceleration Team, we talk through some of the challenges that our investees have faced in delivering M&A and where we’ve seen best practice deliver excellent outcomes.