We ask Bright Futures: what’s it like working with Livingbridge?

Daniel Jones, CEO of Bright Futures, talks about how Livingbridge stands out in the private equity market and the benefits of working together
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Group of positive young multi-ethnic students sitting in modern library and viewing curriculum while preparing for classes

Bright Futures

Bright Futures are a specialist organisation supporting young people and adults with autism and learning difficulties to access meaningful education and community living experiences.


Daniel: Working with Livingbridge is fantastic. Livingbridge really does stand out in the private equity market as really understanding what providing high-quality acute care is about. They understand that quality is crucial, and they understand the need to invest to achieve scale. They really do empower the organisation and the team. They allow myself, as the chief executive, to get on and run the organisation, but at the same time, one of the real benefits is they’ll share their wider-market knowledge with me. So we have a very strong relationship with them – very open, very frank, and hugely supportive of one another.

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