We are Livingbridge

In late September we announced our intention to change our name from ISIS Equity Partners, and from today we are Livingbridge.

Why Livingbridge?

Living bridges are bridges that are often centuries old and handmade from the roots of living trees They are quite remarkable structures that combine human craftsmanship and ingenuity with natural organic growth. By shaping and guiding these strong roots over many years, suspension bridges are created that are as strong as steel and last for centuries. These bridges are not static structures, they continue to grow and self-renew and in doing so become even stronger over time.

Living bridges offer a perfect analogy for what we aspire to achieve with the businesses we back. We guide and nurture our businesses, to ensure that they develop strong roots capable of sustaining them well into the future. We invest our human and financial capital in businesses building on their organic strengths to create companies that over time grow even stronger.

As we look to the future it is very much business as usual. As we have done for the past 15 years, we will continue to focus on finding, investing in and partnering with entrepreneurial businesses seeking between £2m and £40m of capital.

We understand that every situation is unique but from our experience of investing in over 100 businesses we’ve learnt what’s important, what’s not, when to act and when not to in order to achieve inspirational growth. We look forward to working with you…We are Livingbridge

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