by Matthew Jacobs

Voice was the buzzword of the day at today’s Millennial 20/20 conference

Matthew Jacobs attended the Millennial 20/20 conference today, a cross-industry event sharing insight across the future of retail, marketing and commerce.


Matthew shares his thoughts on which topics are front of mind for brands and retailers:

“Voice seemed to be the buzzword of the day. No one seems to have really cracked what it means for the future of retail, but with voice searches on the up there seems an inevitability of impact on consumer-facing brands. These are brands that may have spent the last decade trying to perfect their search engine optimisation and ppc, and which now need to address how they are going to be able to compete on voice search. The questions this raised across the day included whether voice search would overtake screen-based searches, and if so when? What tactics might you need to deploy to compete on voice, including does your brand have an audio logo? If not why not, and if so what should it sound like?

“These are all interesting questions to grapple with, but they also represent yet another distraction in an incredibly competitive environment. However from our perspective those that can get their voice strategy right are likely to have a fantastic opportunity to improve engagement with their customers, creating a new way to drive brand loyalty.”


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