by Sanjay Panchal

There’s no shortage of opportunity in the market access and health economics space

Sanjay Panchal shares his thoughts on trends in the health economics and outcomes research space, following the ISPOR Europe conference in Barcelona.


“The thing that struck me most is how fast the sector is growing – most companies I met have increased headcount by 50-100% over the last few years and are continuing to recruit without any shortage of demand. As payors continue to require more real-world evidence and robust economic support for their reimbursement decisions, the direction of travel for the sector is strong.

“The challenges are as prevalent as the opportunities. Discussions  centred around recruiting the right people, breaking into the US, and efficiently scaling and building proactive business development capabilities to drive sustainable growth. These are all, however, good problems to have.

“To help businesses overcome challenges like these, at Livingbridge we’ve developed a bank of growth accelerators – core value creation capabilities and in-house resource – designed to unlock businesses’ potential. This includes support for international growth, developing talent, building technology, executing corporate development strategies and customer acquisition and retention. Additionally, our recently launched Boston office is always on hand to support life science companies looking to expand into the US.”

If you’re a business owner in the health economics and market access space, please contact to find out more about how we help growing businesses.

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