by Simon Peet

The healthcare businesses generating real change in the current funding climate

Simon Peet shares his thoughts about the opportunities for investment activity, market trends and innovation across the healthcare sector, including bridging the gap between consumer demand and public-sector provision.


After attending the HealthInvestor Summit in 2018, Simon noted the high level of investor interest in businesses which addressed a climate of public sector provision struggling to keep up with rising waiting lists, higher volumes coming through the system and an increase in the complexity of demand. Businesses which are able to bridge this supply demand imbalance with a high quality private pay offering are attracting significant attention from investors. He added that there have been clear responses to these pressures in sectors such as dentistry, IVF and dermatology

As in other sectors, technology is a key area of interest in the healthcare sector. At the HealthInvestor Summit, whilst the investors highlighted the challenges of picking a “winner” in healthcare technology, all agreed that operators need to utilise tech to better improve their offering in the case of consumer healthcare businesses, or to improve efficiency and productivity for those selling into the public sector.

Reflecting on the event, Simon observed that whilst there are a number of challenges facing providers in the market today, this is resulting in opportunities for bold an innovative entrepreneurs and operators to thrive, and for investors who are prepared to back those individuals build businesses in an evolving market context.

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