by Susie Stanford

Susie Stanford speaks to Real Deals about how private equity is trying to resuscitate retail

With many of the retail industry’s biggest names struggling to remain relevant and solvent, Susie Stanford looks at how this disruption has created an opportunity for a new breed of smaller, authentic, online brands.


“If you simply look at the headlines you could be forgiven for thinking we are witnessing a mass consumer exodus,” says Susie Stanford, “but as the big players with their vast legacy store portfolios lose their grip, it is creating opportunities for other smaller, authentic, online brands – all the things consumers love.”


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Susie believes that fashion retailers must modernise and offer diversity in their styles by exploring the areas of plus-size, fit and modesty wear in order to thrive. “Most retailers are still cutting off blocks from the 50s while shapes have clearly changed. The singular sizing strategy is antiquated,” she says. “Mainstream retailers are making steps into this space, as well as larger sizes and ranges for fashion-conscious Muslims for example. But there is still a long way to go.”

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