by Sanjay Panchal

Seven steps to building an EVP for recruitment and retention

In our latest ‘In Focus’ report,  Joseph McGee explains why an employee value proposition is so important to healthcare businesses who wish to attract and retain the best talent in the sector. He gives his seven clear steps for creating an EVP which stands out from the crowd.

As healthcare businesses battle for the best talent, the employee value proposition is becoming increasingly important. Encompassing pay, benefits and rewards, Joe sets out his top tips for creating an EVP which makes employees choose you above competitors.

In this report, Joe explains that creating an attractive EVP requires an appreciation of what makes your business great, and an ability to articulate this. This process isn’t just about articulation however, successful EVPs must transcend through to senior staff who can ensure its principles are translated to company culture.

Get this process right, and successfully summarise what your company offers and what it stands for, and your business will stand out from the crowd in an industry where competition for high-quality employees is so high.


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