Selling all or part of your business

Selling all or part of your business

Whether you’re looking to sell all or part of your business, it’s a big decision, with considerable emotional investment. You’ve put so much into building the business and making it a success, so it’s only natural that you want to find a buyer who is as committed to the business as you have been 

Livingbridge has more than 20 years of experience investing in outstanding fast-growth businesses. Our team takes time to understand where our perspective or expertise can best add value and we focus on empowering management teams to build the best business in their market. 
Being aligned on what that journey looks like is a crucial indicator for success, so we can afford to be fairly flexible in how we structure a deal. We take both minority and majority stakes and work with entrepreneurs to structure the plan that best suits them. 

There are many reasons you may be considering a sale: perhaps you’re looking to fund your retirement, raise capital for a new investment, bring in fresh experience, or move on to a new challenge. Whatever your motivations, we’ll plan a way forward that’s right for you and the business.

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Selling part of your business

Selling your business shouldn’t be an all or nothing choice and at Livingbridge we take stakes of between 5% and 80%.

We understand that you may not want to sell all of your business; you see the potential, just as we do

But running a business can be lonely, and full of risk. Bringing on an investor. gives you a sounding board and a new perspective, as well as access to new networks and expertise. Many entrepreneurs choose to sell part of their business as they want to retain control but de-risk their financial position.

If you do want to stay on in your business, we’ll empower you to deliver on your ambitions. We won’t tell you what to do, but we’ll make sure you have the tools necessary to make bold decisions for the long term. To achieve this we have designed an in-house team of experts to equip our investees in areas such as M&A, talent or technology.

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Growth Accelerator

To empower you to deliver your business potential, we’ve assembled a bespoke team, designed around the needs of the journey ahead. This is a curated in-house team of more than 10 growth acceleration specialists that are available to you, allowing you to take more risks, to change and to adapt.

Our experience is 20 years of learning from over 150 investments. By providing an alternative to a full sale, we have enabled many entrepreneurs to deliver on the business potential they’ve identified. For example, at Wiggle, after we completed a minority investment, we worked with the business to launch an international expansion strategy, resulting in an eight-fold increase in sales.

Selling all of your business

If you’re ready to exit your business, you will want to be sure you’re leaving it in the safest possible hands. You may be working with a management team that wants to take over or passing the business on to a new generation. You might be looking for completely new owners. Every situation is different, but we’ll ensure we build on the success you’ve achieved and fulfil the business’ long-term potential. We can work with you to structure what that might look like for you and the people in your business.    Wanting the best for the phase after you sell your business means you will want to find an investor with the right expertise. At Livingbridge we have a team of dedicated specialists who can work through how best to equip management teams for the future, whether it is new talent to build out the team or understanding how to internationalise. We’ll ensure the team is empowered to make the right choices to build the best business for the future. 

Selling a family business

Selling all or part of a family business can feel more personal and there may be a more complicated structure to work through. For example, there may be tough decisions to take about how to structure the company’s future ownership and leadership. Our team has many years’ experience of helping to resolve these complex questions so you can be confident you’ll find the right way forward for you, your family and the business you’ve built together. Carousel Logistics, for example, was founded by brothers, Graham and Michael Martin, together with their mother Maureen in 1986. We’ve supported Graham, as CEO, and Michael, as Strategic Business Development Director since our investment in 2013, supporting the business to expand rapidly across Europe.

Working together to build for the future

At Livingbridge, we believe in forging close relationships that empower businesses to become the best they can be. Our team won’t have all the answers, but they help entrepreneurs to ask the right questions. Our aim is to make sure your business is best equipped to face the challenges ahead and make the most of the opportunities that come with growth. 

We’re always excited to meet the owners of outstanding businesses. If you’re thinking about a sale, whether full or partial, we’d be delighted to talk about your options 

The investment process

Every business is different and our 150+ investments have all gone on different journeys. This can make it hard for entrepreneurs considering private equity to envisage their road ahead.

But you don’t need to know the route to understand your direction, so we’ve brought together some key stepping stones to draw together what an investment process might look like and the likely questions along the way.