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The game changers

When it comes to taking your business through the next stage of growth, working with people who’ve done it before can make all the difference.

Whether it’s an experienced chairman, a transformational sales or finance director, or a CEO to allow the founder to step back when the time is right; we aim to bring together dynamic people with exciting opportunities.

We don’t just look for those in similar roles in similar sectors – we get growth – and understand how to find the people who’ll make a difference where it matters.  And our dedicated talent function can help you get them onboard.

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Global connections

Unlocking new markets can come down to who you know. Through the companies we’ve helped grow internationally, our connections can help you get a local view on your plans; giving you confidence in acquisition targets, navigating supply chains and regulation, and finding the right people on the ground.

We also have close links with like minded investors as a founding member of the Global PE Alliance. This alliance of mid-market private equity firms has 270 professionals and networks across 25 countries, so if we don’t already know someone who can help, we can find someone who does.

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Trusted partners

In twenty years of investing in growing companies we’ve found some people so exceptional we’ve worked with them again and again. These include experts in their field who can quickly spot challenges and identify opportunities, and non-execs who’ve built their own companies and gone on to guide others. 

For example, we met Ian Williamson when we invested in technology firm Blue8 where he was CEO. He went on to chair eight businesses with us across IT, healthcare and professional services. Clive Beharrell who we worked with at Fat Face, Enotria and Crew Clothing has chaired over 10 businesses over the last 12 years.

We also work with functional experts who can review IT or sales or organisational design and provide advice and hands on support quickly where needed. For example Mike Robb, a specialist IT and change consultant has worked with us for over 10 years, helping businesses understand how to scale their technology, implement new systems or hire the right CTO.

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When it comes to successful private equity deals, it’s the people who make all the difference, and Livingbridge people come from a wide range of backgrounds with a complementary mix of skills.

What we do have in common is a shared sense of ambition, a questioning nature and an open-minded, flexible and friendly approach.  

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