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Technology Growth Conference: the opportunities in cyber-security

Henry attended AGC Partners’ 2018 European Technology Growth Conference as part of London Tech Week. At the conference, which showcases fast growth tech companies, he was particularly struck by the advances in cyber-security. Here he discusses the areas in the sector which are particularly exciting from an investor’s perspective.

Between high profile data breaches and ever-increasing data regulation, cyber-security is now a must have for most modern businesses. This creates opportunities for tech entrepreneurs and for investors there are certain solutions that offer remarkable growth prospects.

Better information

Cyber-security is increasingly a critical board issue – so we are seeing businesses which aim to give a Chief Information Security Officer visibility over structural areas of weakness in their firm, so they can effectively report and set strategic priorities. One example of this is Panaseer, a tool for managing cyber hygiene. Its platform provides an automated risk-based view of a business’s assets, allowing teams to prioritise activity and track progress. I imagine in the future any platforms that can generate a visual and easy to use risk prioritisation report will be fundamental as cyber-security becomes a key part of modern board packs.


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Resolving human capital shortages

A rise in attacks at businesses of all sizes has also highlighted to many their lack of expert staff. We expect automation will have to step up to provide a response solution to these security attacks. This might be the likes of Livingbridge investee, Symphony Ventures, a robotic process automation consultancy that can assess existing IT processes and put to work an intelligent automation tool to streamline that response and minimise human error. Other platforms, like ATAR Lab, allow analysts to easily investigate reports and collaborate to resolve them, which allows less skilled analysts to respond to simpler attacks but refer them up as needed.


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Moving from training to prevention: I don’t believe that training staff will resolve cyber-security issues – the challenges are too diffuse and ever changing. We believe there will be opportunities for systems to prevent employees from making mistakes and, for example, actively prevent phishing attacks rather than expecting employees to parse email addresses and notice oddly-worded URLs. One example of how this can work is Garrison, which creates a secure browsing environment which isolates user’s machines from compromising material on the internet

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