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Investment and tech disruption - Steve Cordiner shares his thoughts from the recent Europas Summit

The Europas summit was a fantastic opportunity to meet the array of emerging and talented tech entrepreneurs across the UK and Europe. From the summit there were some consistent trends across discussions and panels throughout the day.  

"It’s clear there will be significant disruptive innovation coming to market in areas such as tokenisation, automation, AI and cross-border social commerce.

Whilst many businesses at concept or proof of concept stage have been able to source early seed funding, the challenge of finding scale up capital has historically been more pronounced.  I wholeheartedly agreed with the panellists that in scaling businesses finding the right investors and the right mix of investors is key to success and it is fantastic to see the level of support and optimism amongst the investor community to support these future British successes.

At Livingbridge we recently invested in intelligent automation specialist firm Symphony Ventures and Robo-Advisory business Munnypot. We have seen first-hand the importance that having the resource and expertise of an investment partner has had, with both businesses able to leverage Livingbridge’s sector experience, functional capability and broader network.   

It was also intriguing to see how digital currencies and the advent of Initial Coin Offerings may play a role in funding businesses of the future, although how these ‘ICO’s fit as part of the funding options for entrepreneurs will need time to play out."

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