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How Livingbridge are helping Habit Group to realise its M&A plans





Ben Teusse, CEO of Habit Group, chats with us about how our investment is enabling the business to achieve its M&A ambitions, focused on expanding its reach across New Zealand and Australia.


Ben: Our M&A plan is very, very active at the moment. We're actively looking to grow into the physio market in New Zealand with an infill strategy. We're also looking to pick up a few other businesses of a larger scale, which will add to our depth of service.

Will: Three months after we got involved, Habit was able to acquire Southern Rehabilitation, the equivalent player to them in the South Island in terms of being the leading and large-scale provider of rehabilitation and occupational health, giving the business nationwide coverage. We've not only assisted in providing additional funding to help support those acquisitions post our original investment, but we've also helped the team think through those opportunities. In particular, in relation to Australia, we’ve helped identify and map out the players that we think would be most attractive for Habit to partner with.

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