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We ask Habit Group: what’s it like working with Livingbridge?





Ben Teusse, CEO of Habit Group, chats about how he has found partnering with Livingbridge, the positive challenges that we put to the management team, and where he has seen the most benefits to his business.


Ben: A lot of people do ask me what it's like working with Livingbridge, and that's pretty easy for me to answer. It's definitely enjoyable. We were absolutely aware entering a partnership with Livingbridge that we would be pushed and we would be challenged - that was the appeal. We spend a lot of time talking about strategy, around what next, where we're focusing our priorities, where we're allocating resources. We've looked at our website, we've looked at customer acquisition. We are running a large project on data insight and we expect that that will help us hugely. It's very much  an extension of the management team.

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