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Going global with Sionic





Craig Sher, CEO of Sionic, chats to us about how Livingbridge having boots on the ground in the US, supported them to deliver a transformative international merger.


Pete: The transaction process to merge two people businesses and to do that across international geographies is incredibly complex. It was really important that we had the right combination of Livingbridge people both in London and the U.S., and, critically, advisers who were able to advise us across those different geographies as well. The role of the U.S. team particularly was invaluable in helping navigate an international M&A transaction.

Craig: Having somebody who understood the local environment, the local tax laws and the way the individual states calculate taxes made a huge difference in that we weren't having to talk to Livingbridge in a different language. They already actually had that local capability and that local knowledge, which made a big difference.

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