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How Livingbridge has helped Sykes Holiday Cottages deliver on its ambition





We chat to the award-winning management team at Sykes Holiday Cottages to find out about how they navigated challenges at board-level and what equipped them to achieve such strong performance. 


Michael: We've performed extremely well with Livingbridge. They've challenged us around the board table at the appropriate level, and they've pushed us. The good thing is if we go into a board meeting, as an example, we go in absolutely fully prepared - no stone unturned. They've provided that challenge, but also support. There are times when we've been beating ourselves up because something hasn't gone quite as we wanted it to go, and actually, they've said, "Let's take a step back and let's work out how we navigate through this." They have delivered that balance of challenge, but also support for us as a team. It's been a great journey for me as the CFO, and often, the CFO has one of the roughest times with private equity.

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