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Livingbridge speaks to IT Pro Portal about how tech businesses can secure private equity funding

Livingbridge talk about the different kinds of funding available to tech company founders and how to go about securing the best funding partner. 

Securing the right funding at the right time can make all the difference in ensuring growing technology businesses are able to scale up. But how do these businesses give themselves the best chance of finding the funding they need?

Before the search for funding begins, it is vital that business owners understand what kind of finance they are looking for. The funding options open to a technology business will depend on its current stage of maturity.


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Preparation is key

Business owners must identify the fundamentals of what they hope to achieve from the funding process in order to find the best partner for their needs. Are they looking to quickly sell the business? Or are they looking for financial support with the intention of continuing to lead the business through its next stage of growth? Perhaps they’re also hoping to take some cash from the process, thereby reducing their exposure to risk.

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