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Livingbridge launch latest TMT sector report -In focus: the race for digital transformation

In our latest 'In Focus' report we look at the changing demands and expectations from customers of technology businesses and how this is influencing both the pace and direction of the evolution of technology. We also look at how these changes are fuelling opportunities for third party providers who can help companies to scope and implement the tools and organisational structure to drive change.

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Making the most of the digital opportunities on offer is a fundamental requirement for businesses in a changing world, yet most seem unable to truly transform at pace. Paul Landsman considers how, in a world of opportunities presented by the extension of 3G and 4G provision, acceleration in data collection and the rise of AI, time is starting to run out for businesses to embrace digital transformation.




Also in the report, Luke Bray discusses the fast growing specialist technology and consultancy businesses with the tools and expertise to serve the huge market of enterprises embracing digital change. Such is the demand for these products and services that research published last year suggested the global digital transformation market now accounts for more than a third of the UK’s £7.3bn consulting market.  He looks at where the opportunities are emerging for businesses to take advantage of this growing market. 


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