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Luke Bray discusses the growing opportunity for businesses to cash in on digital change

Luke Bray considers the business opportunities that have arisen from the gap between the tools and expertise that enterprises will require to embrace digital transformation and the support currently available to them. 

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With the rate of new technology ever increasing, businesses that don't have the right support to help them to integrate and utilise these technologies will fall behind in the race for digital transformation.  The wide suite of tools now available to businesses, including artificial intelligence and NLP, has meant that new technologies are moving from being differentiators to hygiene factors which ensure the new expected level of customer service. 


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However, the ever-increasing pace of digital transformation means that businesses rarely have the right in-house support to help them to harness these technologies

In this article, Luke looks at the skill gap which has created the opportunity for a large number of fast-growing businesses to assist other businesses as they embrace new technologies. 


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Case studies: