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Livingbridge launch 'Looking ahead: 2019' report

Wol Kolade 6

In our 'Looking ahead: 2019' report we reflect on a busy year of significant structural change, important investments and impressive returns for our investors. As we look towards 2019 we discuss what we're looking for across our different sectors and offices, as well as considering where our growth acceleration team can help our investees in the year ahead.

Wol Kolade  comments:

"In a truly global and digital world, we see so many opportunities for businesses to thrive. And as an investor we think we can play a crucial role in supporting those businesses and helping them to accelerate their growth."

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The report includes:

  • A look back at the achievements of 2018, including the investments and exits made, as well as awards and highlights from our portfolio.
  • An overview of what we're looking for across our four sectors: consumer, healthcare and education, services and TMT.
  • A round-up of Livingbridge's Northern activities from Matthew Caffrey in our Manchester office.
  • International updates from Gareth Young  in our Melbourne office and Rebecca Hooley in our Boston office.
  • An introduction to our growth acceleration team and how they're helping our investee companies.

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