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Livingbridge launch In Focus report looking at effective recruitment and retention in the healthcare sector

In our latest 'In Focus' report, Liz Jones looks at how effective recruitment and retention are often the biggest challenges facing healthcare service providers. To attract and retain quality employees, we look at best practice recruitment strategy, good governance and how a good employee value proposition can impact company culture.


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Health and social care providers face a perfect storm. On the one hand, there has never been such demand for their services – as the UK’s population ages, healthcare needs become ever-more complex and the social care system awaits reform, more people than ever need care and support. On the other, health and social care providers battle daily to recruit and retain high-quality staff.


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In this report, Sanjay Panchal explains what it takes to attract and retain good people in the care sector, while Joseph McGee looks at how to build an effective employee value proposition to deliver an effective recruitment and retention strategy. By ensuring that your employee strategy is at the heart of your business growth strategy, you can create not just a scalable business, but also a fantastic place to work.


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