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Livingbridge launch In Focus report looking at how can you use consumer data to drive a successful customer acquisition strategy

In our latest 'In Focus' report, we look at how increasingly complex consumer data is challenging business owners to develop a sophisticated data-driven marketing approach. To build a successful customer acquisition and retention strategy we look at how to accurately analyse your potential market, and how to work out customer life time value to support your decision making. 


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Every business hopes to scale. But organic growth doesn't come by magic, and to deliver it companies need a solid data-driven culture to implement and measure the optimum customer journey.

The easiest way to scale up a consumer business is to find more customers, but do you have the data to show you who these customers are? Susie Stanford considers how customer data can inform your growth strategy according to your addressable market and help you to build a detailed picture of your customer base.


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Also in the report, our in-house data analytics expert, Steve Jones, discusses how businesses can fulfil their growth potential by building a customer acquisition engine that makes accurate customer lifetime value calculations. Armed with this data, businesses can maximise their customer retention strategy to keep loyal and engaged customers.  


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