Yun Ma

Growth acceleration team

“I am passionate about leveraging data to solve business problems and to enable growth.”

As a Strategic Fund Analyst, I spend most of my time bringing data-enabled insights to support fund managers and to enable our portfolio companies to grow. As a part of this, I am leveraging our 25 years history to unlock and quantify what constitutes business success.

After obtaining my Master’s in Economics at the LSE, I worked as a consultant in the data analytics and data science fields, first at Deloitte and then followed by Ekimetrics. I have always enjoyed working in a dynamic environment where I am able to apply my quantitative skills and to work in a variety of sectors, especially Retail and TMT.

I am passionate about good food, so spend a lot of time researching restaurants and trying out new recipes. To compensate for my love of good food I also try to spend a lot of time outdoors and attempting new sports.

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