Thomas Hudson


“Livingbridge’s experience and growth acceleration capabilities are a data geek’s dream. Throw in the chance to work with entrepreneurs, the brands, and the teams they’ve built, and it’s the perfect place for any marketer.”

Working at Livingbridge presents a dynamic and diverse day-to-day, with a strong focus on data-led, digital marketing – just my cup of tea. Developing the strategy for a growing company that focuses on growing companies is as creative as it is analytical, and collaboration comes first within the team as well as the work we do with the entrepreneurs we invest in.

Many moons ago, I graduated from University of Bath with a degree in Natural Sciences, focusing on the classic combination of biochemistry and business management. After this, I jumped ship and moved to Shanghai, where I cut my teeth working in marketing for both domestic and international firms. My work for companies entering the Chinese market really piqued my interest in the world of business, and living abroad sparked my obsession with culture, both personal and professional. I ‘found myself’ like a true millennial, professionally and personally, then returned to the glamour of London to hone my craft.

You’ll usually find me cooking, eating and/or fantasising about food outside of work. The list of recipes I want to try is only eclipsed by the ever-increasing list of books on my Kindle. I like to avoid the gym whenever possible, and instead opt for working on my 普通话.