Federico Ferrari

Growth acceleration team

“It is extremely rewarding to work alongside passionate management teams to find the best path to top line growth.”

As part of the Growth Acceleration Team, I help our portfolio companies realise their most ambitious goals by focusing on top line initiatives such as customer acquisition, pricing and sales. What I find the most exciting about my role is that we apply advanced analytics to unearth specific and actionable opportunities and then work across all levels of the organisations to set in motion the changes required to unlock the additional value.

I joined Livingbridge from Simon-Kucher & Partners where I spent 3 years advising clients on matters around pricing, marketing and sales. Prior to my professional career, I read Engineering at Oxford, where I developed a scientific approach to problem solving that has greatly influenced how I still think today.

Outside of work, I like to recreate the taste of my motherland by making pizza in my Ooni wood fired oven. When not cooking, you will find me walking dogs in Hampstead Heath.