Curt Kahn

Investment team

“Growing Livingbridge’s US operations is an incredibly exciting opportunity, and one that will bring tremendous value to our current and future investees.”

I joined Livingbridge Boston in 2018, supporting the launch of our first US office, and I’m incredibly excited to partner with founders, senior executives and our investees to help think through their most critical issues and accelerate growth both in the US and internationally.

Prior to Livingbridge, I led corporate development for ABILITY Network, a PE-back healthcare technology business that was acquired in 2018 for $1.2bn. During that time, I executed 8 acquisitions and several strategic partnerships. Prior to ABILITY, I spent several years in strategy consulting, largely in PwC’s M&A advisory practice, supporting PE, venture and corporate clients through diligence, deal structuring and strategic growth initiatives.

Outside of work, most of my free time is swallowed up by our son, but when I can sneak out, I enjoy fishing and boating, tennis, skiing and anything Boston sports!